Hi! I am Sam van der Linden, a Dutch girl who created her first mandala drawing back in 2015. Over the years I have developed my own style which can be described as unique and intricate. For most of my zentangle and mandala drawings I use a 0.05 mm fineliner because this allows me to draw lots of tiny details! Some of the drawings are completely filled with mandalas and zentangle patterns, but I also have a lot of city, nature and sport themed drawings. Via this website you can buy prints and cards of some of my original drawings.

In 2020 I started art journaling because this helps me to express myself. Besides the poems and quotes I write in my journal motivate me and are great reminders during hard times. I share the pages I created on my Instagram (@artsby_s), because I hope I can help and inspire others with my art as well. I have turned some of the pages I created in my journal into cards! I sell these motivational cards on this website as well. You can also order the poetry book I published with Boekscout last year, it’s called ‘mijn herstel in gedichten’ and filled with poems which I wrote during my recovery.

Besides art, surfing is one of my passions. Since I am not able to surf right now I came up with another way to be concerned with the sport: I started drawing on surfboards. I started with our own windsurfing board in summer 2020 and by now I made multiple surfboards, a longboard and surf fins. I for example customized a board which is now used to decorate the wall of a lunchroom, a surfboard of Olympic Gold medalist Kiran Badloe and a neon green surfboard in jungle style. If you are interested in getting your board done by me as well you can send me an e-mail or a message on Instagram or Facebook.

I hope you enjoy seeing my art and you’ll find something you like on my site! I also make custom art. If you’d like to buy an original drawing with a certain theme/style you can contact me so we can discuss your wishes and the price!

Much love,